About Us

Who we are

CILT Egypt is the local branch of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport – CILT International - the premiere professional body for those engaged in sectors related to supply chain, transport and logistics. Established in the United Kingdom in 1919, CILT has representation in more than 30 countries. Our standards and membership are recognised wherever you go and wherever you work. We influence and shape government policy across many economies. We are uniquely positioned to help you and your organisation gain the knowledge, insights and practical strategies and solutions you need in the modern world where supply chain, logistics and transport skills matter.  

What We Do

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) is the leading international voice for supply chain, logistics and transport. Our programmes support industry players in identifying and acting on improvement prospects. We provide education, consultancy and networking opportunities all with the aim of encouraging shared learning and advancement in Egypt and throughout our global CILT family.

Our Quest

At CILT Egypt our goal is to position Egypt as a key global logistics hub. We support national plans for modernising the sector and achieving sustainable and inclusive economic welfare. We therefore serve as a Centre of Excellence, addressing the needs of different stakeholders across the transport, logistics and supply chain industry.

Why We Do It Better

We are ‘Stronger Together’ as a membership body and as a leader in our industry. We act like a family,  addressing the needs of stakeholders across supply chain, logistics and transport from suppliers, retailers and distributors to those operating in land, river, maritime and air transport.