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There are no vacancies at the moment.

For Employers

Organizations come to us seeking assistance in the identification, assessment and selection of talented executives and workers. CILT Egypt ecruits exclusively in the multiple facets of logistics. So if you operate in the field of transportation (freight, maritime, aviation, road, railways and river transport), supply chain, third party, manufacturing, retail, FMCGs as well as related technologies and are looking for appropriate candidates to fill your vacancies, send us an e-mail on: 

So send us an e-mail on:

Our people who posses extensive expertise across the logistics and transport sector will get back to you within 48 to discuss your needs and to propose the best means for meeting them.

For Job Seekers

We offer a variety of resources to answer questions, guide your career planning and help you find a job in the logistics and transport field. If you are looking for a new career challenge in the logistics and transport field, email us at and we will gladly review your resume and determine if your background would be a potential fit.

Scholarships and Awards

    The CILT International Young Achievers Award recognises outstanding contribution and achievement by young logistics and transport professionals. Applicants for the Award should meet the following criteria:

    • The person shall be Under 35 years old on January 1st of the current year

    • The person will be a member of the CILT

    • The person may nominate themselves but the nomination should be endorsed by CILT Egypt


Aspire Career Foundation is a charitable foundation within the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) that provides funded opportunities for education, training and development to UK and international applicants. The principal aim of Aspire is to provide financial help and assistance to individuals who might not otherwise have access to such support in order to help them realise their full potential within the logistics and transport sector.

Accordingly, Aspire awards grants with a maximum value of £5,000 to cover the costs of education and training programmes in the field of transport, logistics and supply chain management. For further information, you can visit the Aspire website at:

Contact us and we will evaluate your application vis a vis qualification criteria and provide you with guidance on how best to present your application.

Become a CILT Intern

Is it your aim to enrich your theoretical knowledge from your studies through a challenging practical experience? We offer a number of internships that let you profit thoroughly of your strengths and put your theoretical knowledge into practice. As a true member of the team, you will be integrated into all work processes namely: Communication and Marketing Training Planning and Administration Event Organisation To apply, send us your expression of interest and resume on XXX and we will get back to you in the shortest delay.

So send us an e-mail on:

Become a CILT Expert

Professionals with training experience in one or more of the following fields who are interested in joining the CILT Egypt pool of experts are encouraged to submit their resumes on

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Logistics planning and management

  • Transport planning and management

  • Sourcing and procurement planning and management

  • Inventory and warehousing planning and management

  • Freight transport

  • Passenger transport

  • Production planning

  • Retail logistics

  • Green logistics

  • International business

  • Project management

So send us an e-mail on: