Competing in today’s globalised market environment necessitates the existence of modern transport systems and the utilization of state of the art logistics and supply chain management techniques.  In this context, the Arab African Centre for Marketing and Consultancy Services (AAC) together with industry leaders, experts and academics established in 2007 the Egypt Branch for the Chartered Institute for Logistics and Transport – CILT.

Our mission at CILT Egypt is to position the country as a key global logistics hub by capitalizing on the country’s unique geographic location, resources and expanding infrastructure base.

To this end, CILT Egypt seeks is to contribute to the development of the national logistics and transport sector by providing Egyptian organizations and professionals the opportunity to become part of the CILT community. CILT is an organisation with an established international pedigree with more than 33,000 members working in over 100 countries.

CILT Egypt thus serves as a Centre of Excellence, addressing the needs of different stakeholders across the logistics and supply chain including suppliers, retailers and distributors as well as those operating in land, river, maritime and air transport. CILT Egypt acts in liaison with key stakeholders from government and civil society including the Egyptian Ministry of Transport, the Suez Canal Authority, the Arab Academy for Science and Technology in addition to Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Given that people are at the foundation of the sector, special emphasis is being placed on the creation of a pool of professionals possessing the skills and knowledge base as well as the professional standards necessary to run a modern logistics and transport sector. 

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