CILT Egypt - Call for Experts


The Arab African Centre for Marketing & Consultancy Services acting as the Egypt Branch of the Chartered Institute for Logistics and Transport is launching this call with the aim of setting up a list of logistics and transport training experts to participate in the delivery of a series of CILT professional training interventions, namely:

  • CILT Introductory Certificate
  • CILT Entry Level Certificate
  • CILT International Certificate
  • CILT Professional Diploma
  • CILT Professional Short Courses


Candidates with training experience in one or more of the following fields who are interested in having their names entered in the listof AAC (CILT Egypt logistics and transport) training experts are invited to submit their application in accordance with the rules set out in the guidelines.

  • Logistics Passenger Transport
  • Customer Service and Marketing Freight Transport Services
  • Passenger Transport Services Planning and Operating Passenger Transport
  • Warehousing and Inventory Business Theory
  • Purchasing Business Application
  • Planning and Operation of Freight Transport Warehousing
  • Inventory Passenger Transport Operations
  • Procurement Port Operations.
  • Freight Transport Operations Managing transport and logistics operations
  • Supply Chain Operations Managing Resources
  • Transport Planning Transport Economics and Finance
  • Green Logistics Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Global Logistics Inventory and Warehouse Management

Submission of applications/resumes
English resumes must be submitted in response to this call electronically to ciltegypt@ciltegypt.org before 16:00 hrs (Cairo local time) on 17 May 2015.
Applications received from candidates who fail to comply with the aforementioned formal requirement will not be considered.

Applicants must confirm in their application that they are not in one of the situations quoted under the exclusion criteria set out in the guidelines.

Detailed information on CILT and its operations in Egypt can be found in the following address: http://ciltegypt.org