Accredited Training Providers

Accredited Training Providers

The accreditation of several training providers is underway.

The list of accredited training providers as well as the deadlines for enrollment in the various qualifications will be announced in October 2013.

How to get Accredited

Universities, Colleges, Schools and Training organisations wishing to provide CILT professional courses must obtain accreditation in order to deliver the CILT International professional qualifications. They also have to acquire corporate membership at CILT Egypt as well as obtain formal accreditation and authorization from CILT International. Details of the criteria for meeting the accreditation standards are available from the CILT Egypt Chairman.

CILT training providers may offer the courses on a modular basis, either part time or full time to suit the majority of the candidates. Accreditation of local qualifications which are equivalent to the CILT international qualifications can also be arranged in coordination with CILT Egypt.

Application, Assessment and Accreditation Costs

To apply for accreditation, training provider(s) submit a formal request to the CILT Egypt Chairman. CILT Egypt in turn pays the applicant a number of visits to explain the accreditation process and to conduct a brief pre-assessment to validate that the applicant possesses the technical and financial capacity to effectively run the CILT Qualifications Programme. Based on the recommendations of the CILT Egypt pre-assessment report, CILT International sends an Assessment Team to accredit institution/training provider.

During the visit the CILT Assessment Team will spend one day at the Institution. Two days might be required if the Institution is seeking Accreditation for more than one CILT Course.

Following the Accreditation visit, the Assessment team will make their recommendation to the Education Standards Committee that the Institution should (or should not) be accredited. The Education Standards Committee usually awards Accreditation for an initial period of 12 months. Accreditation can be provided in 6 month increments up to a maximum of 36 months.

The Chairman of the Education Standards Committee will write to the Institute to confirm Accreditation as well as send the Accreditation Agreement and Certificate of Accreditation.

Training providers seeking accreditation will be responsible for the expenses incurred in the Accreditation by CILT including:

  • Annual Accreditation fees
  • Travel, accommodation and living expenses of accreditation team
  • A half day orientation session for the Institution and lecturers/tutors who will provide CILT Courses. This session will cover the course materials, history of the Institute and introduce them to local transport and logistics professionals and the CILT Egypt Branch
  • Two Academic memberships of CILT (All other instructors should be CILT Members)
  • Access to the Knowledge Bank for the two named staff
  • Annual Corporate membership fees at the CILT Egypt Branch

The CILT Egypt or Assessment Team might recommend that the staff of the institute seeking accreditation should complete a CILT Train the Trainer and Course Materials induction in order to attain accreditation. This cost will also be borne by the institution seeking accreditation.