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Reasons to Join

Membership at CILT Egypt will provide you a lifelong professional anchor, a source of career continuity that is totally separate from employment.

Join us to obtain instant recognition as a Professional in Logistics and Transport. All members are actively encouraged to progress through four membership categories through a commitment to continuing professional development and lifelong learning.

Subscription fees go directly into developing the range of services and benefits on offer to you including the opportunity to:

  • further your career with both our education programmes and Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
  • network and exchange knowledge with professionals around the world through the participation in conferences, forums, symposia, workshops and seminars at preferential rates.
  • access non-periodical publications (studies, newsletters and magazines) issued by CILT branches around the world.
  • find employment opportunities in logistics and transport related organisations.
  • join our Technical Committees and participate in various programs aimed at developing the logistics and transport sector.

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